Cohen probe should worry Trump

Trump Russia Probe

“The upshot is that if it's accurate, as it has been reported, that Trump is more worried...


NBA players should not represent America if they don't respect the flag

Star Studded Christmas Basketball

On Saturday, April 7, I read about the United States forming a 35-man pool for the USA Basketball national team. They’ll play for the Americans if they qualify for the 2019 Basketball World Cup and the 2020 Olympics. I read the names, and I think some of these players are not qualified to be...

Standard Deviations

Not only has this columnist's ship come in, but the midnight buffet is spam

email spam

I’ll see your Nigerian prince, and raise you a South African banker.

National Commentary

Expect the North Korea talks to be fruitless

South Korea North Korea Panmunjom

“Whatever we get from North Korea, we can expect to pay for in full. Trump may not be willing to bear that cost — or be able to persuade Republicans in Congress to go along,” writes Steve Chapman.

Guest Commentary

Justice needs to be distributed as evenly and fairly as possible

BH 071315 Sander Sentencing 003-2

“Justice requires time to be done right and in order to accomplish justice, a lot of money gets spent,” writes E. Kent Winward.


Meeting at Mar-a-Lago was just another Trump business deal

Trump US Japan

It doesn't make sense to me that President Donald Trump would have his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Palm Beach, Florida. What was wrong with having the meeting at either the White House or Camp David? Whoops, I forgot — the Secret...

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Evangelicals can't advance human dignity by dehumanizing others

GOP 2016 Trump Evangelicals

“You can't advance a vision of liberation by oppressing the conscience of others,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Barbara Bush will be remembered for her compassion

Obit Barbara Bush Photo Gallery-10

The depth of Barbara Bush's heart endures in all of the people she has touched.

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No, tax-filing migraines are not going away

IRS Audits

As for Pence's claim that the tax cuts are the biggest in history, no.

Our View

Farmington, build your soccer fields somewhere else. Leave Alan Bangerter's farm alone

Corn Field Vs Soccer Field-3

Farmland is already scarce. Sod it and paint it with lines for a soccer field, and you contribute to the decline of Utah agriculture, even if it’s only part of a small Davis County farm.


Visit to Washington oncologist spared woman months of chemotherapy

Doctor and patient

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter has been edited to correct a word in the third paragraph. The Standard-Examiner regrets the error. In October 2017, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer. Of the three lymph nodes that were removed during surgery, two were positive for cancer. Because...

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